October 27, 2021 - The Redwood Sky Walk is currently OPEN under “WEATHER WATCH” status. Windy conditions may require closure at any time.

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The Redwood Sky Walk at Sequoia Park Zoo is a self-guided interpretive experience that takes visitors up into the famed California Coast Redwoods for a view like no other. Guests will experience the world’s tallest trees while exploring the City of Eureka’s in-town old and second-growth forest from a bird’s eye view. The Redwood Sky Walk is 1/4 mile long (out and back), and ADA accessible with the exception of one optional adventure segment which offers slightly more exposure, greater height, and more bridge sway.

How high is the Redwood Sky Walk experience?

At the highest point, the Redwood Sky Walk reaches over 100 feet above the forest floor.  Platforms sit about 1/3 of the way up the in-city old-growth and mature second-growth redwood grove. The upper canopy of these trees reaches approximately 250 feet.

How long is the Redwood Sky Walk?

The Redwood Sky Walk is just under 1/4 mile to the end and back (1,104 linear feet), stretched out across a network of suspended bridges that reach across and through old-growth and mature second-growth redwood trees. It is the longest sky walk in the western United States. There are no stairs, and the experience is ADA accessible with the exception of one (optional) 369-foot adventure segment.

How long does it take to do the Redwood Sky Walk?

The time to complete the Redwood Sky Walk depends on your pace! The experience is accessed by an ascent ramp, then circles in a loop through the trees above the forest floor, with one spur off the loop (not ADA accessible).

What is the ‘adventure leg’?

The adventure leg is 369 feet long and 36 inches wide with square open mesh decking. Though it is safe and does not require visitors to be attached, visitors will feel more exposed to the natural surroundings and more aware of their height. The adventure leg bridges are also apt to sway in minor winds. Even without a notable breeze, visitors are likely to feel themselves, as well as others, moving across the bridges.

What is the Redwood Sky Walk constructed of?

The Ascent Ramp and Launch Deck are wood structures, with concrete foundations, and Dynaplank (a walkable tread surface that is non-slip and highly durable).  The posts and handrails on the structure are redwood and metal panels are infilled between posts.

The Redwood Sky Walk is made from fabricated aluminum for bridges and platforms and has the same Dynaplank surface for walking. Railings are made from cable and metal mesh panels. 

All material choices were made for safety, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

What safety precautions are in place?

Because this is not an adventure course, no harnesses and helmets will be required.  The Redwood Sky Walk has 3.5 – 4 feet high guardrails, designed to maximize visitor safety and minimize the ability of children to climb or put their feet into the netting or metal panels. 

The Ascent Ramp and Launch Deck were designed with both earthquakes and wind in mind. The structural members were upsized to look and feel much more substantial, as well as to perform better in seismic and wind events. All structures are built to code. 

Tree platforms and bridges are designed and constructed using a factor of safety beyond the structural capacity of the trees. Additional tree attachments have been added to increase safety.

Is there a weight limit capacity anywhere on the Redwood Sky Walk?

No, there is not. This experience has been carefully engineered to exceed any collective weight that could physically fit onto the bridges/platforms.

Does the Redwood Sky Walk affect tree health?

The bridges and platforms that will allow visitors to traverse the Redwood Sky Walk are suspended from the trees themselves without any impact to the forest floor below. The technique and mechanics of these attachments have been designed specifically to ensure negligible impact on the trees to which they are anchored and provide room for them to continue to grow unimpeded.

Can I touch the trees?

We know how much fun it is to be so close to the famous redwood trees.  However, for the health of the trees, please refrain from touching the delicate bark while on the Redwood Sky Walk.

How does the Redwood Sky Walk integrate with the Zoo?

The Redwood Sky Walk is accessible only through the Sequoia Park Zoo. The experience is intentionally integrated and complements the natural environment, current animal exhibits, and nature play areas. A future bear/coyote exhibit and Redwood Discovery Center will soon enhance the offering and visitor experience even further.

How can I stay up to date on the latest Redwood Sky Walk News and Information?

This website, the Sequoia Park Zoo website, and social media channels will share the latest updates and information. Subscribe to the Zoo’s weekly eChatter newsletter or become a member of the Sequoia Park Zoo to stay up to date.