USA Today Names Eureka’s Redwood Sky Walk at the Sequoia Park Zoo “Best Aerial Adventure Park” in the USA

The Redwood Sky Walk was named the best aerial adventure park in the country in the 2023 USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest.

The USA Today10Best program provides readers with recommendations on top attractions, things to see and do, and restaurants throughout the country. Editors and relevant expert contributors nominate 20 places for each category and then ask their readers to vote for the top 10.

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End your long weekend away on a high note at the new Redwood Sky Walk at Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo, where a network of platforms and suspended bridges stretch nearly a quarter-mile through a grove of redwoods.

At the highest point of the journey, you’ll be 100 feet in the air, yet still only a third of the way up into the canopy of the mighty trees. Gaze up. Glance down. And revel in the moment with these truly awe-inspiring forces of nature.

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Last summer the City of Eureka, California, opened the Redwood Sky Walk, a self-guided quarter-mile walking experience 100 feet above ground level among the area’s majestic redwood trees. The already-fresh air of the port city between San Francisco and the Oregon border is elevated when you’re immersed in woodland.

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In Humboldt County, Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo has opened a Redwood Sky Walk featuring suspension bridges and elevated walkways for exploring the tall trees.

Redwood Sky Walk Grand Opening Weekend Events & Activities Announced

To celebrate the grand opening of the Redwood Sky Walk, the City of Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo, the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation, and several community partners have planned a weekend long celebration of special events. Due to California’s reopening guidelines, space restrictions will apply. Check out the weekend’s events below for registration details and tickets where applicable.

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See California’s incredible redwoods from this new sky walk

Many travelers head to California’s ancient redwood forests to see the giant trees tower over them. But now there’s a chance to explore a bit closer to their lofty canopies on a new ‘sky walk’.

The Redwood SkyWalk at Sequoia Park Zoo will host its grand opening the weekend of June 4 to 6, allowing visitors to explore the forest from 100-feet above the ground.

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Experience California’s Redwood Trees on a Whole New Level — 100 Feet Off the Ground

You’ll soon be able to take in California’s majestic redwood trees — the tallest in the world — on another level.

On June 4, Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka will debut the Redwood Sky Walk, allowing visitors to wander along a quarter-mile route that’s 100 feet off the forest ground. Even with that boost, the upper canopy of trees stretches about 250 feet high, providing a truly immersive sense of being among nature.

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Take an Elevated Stroll Among Giant Redwoods on California’s New Sky Walk

A brand-new suspended walkway in Northern California will give visitors a unique perspective on the region’s gigantic redwoods.

Located at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, Redwood Sky Walk is a network of platforms and bridges hanging up to 100 feet over the forest floor. That’s about a third of the way up the tallest trees in the old-growth and mature second-growth redwood grove on city grounds.

Grand Opening

The City of Eureka will officially open the Redwood Sky Walk with a grand opening event on Friday, June 4th, 2021. The grand opening ceremony will be followed by a weekend of special activities to celebrate the area’s newest, and tallest, attraction.

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What it’s like to hike 100 feet off the ground in a California Redwood forest

On a pathway suspended 100 feet above the forest floor in the Sequoia Park Zoo’s new Redwood Sky Walk attraction, two women are studying an enormous, knobby growth on the side of a redwood tree.

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Northern California is Getting a Stunning New Sky Walk Through the Redwoods

Want to explore the world’s tallest trees from a bird’s perspective? Plan your next vacation to Northern California’s new Redwood Sky Walk for a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close-and-personal experience of the famed California Coast Redwoods.

The longest sky walk in the western United States, the Redwood Sky Walk, located within Sequoia Park Zoo, is just under one-fourth–mile to the end and back, stretched out across a network of suspended bridges.

FIRST LOOK: The LoCO Tours Eureka’s Fabulous New Redwood Sky Walk

Eureka City Manager Miles Slattery was kind enough to invite the Outpost to tag along on a Thursday morning tour of the Redwood Sky Walk to get a closer look at the progress that has been made and experience the thrill of exploring the redwood canopy from a dizzying 100 feet above the forest floor.